FAQs: Frequently Asked Questions (and Answers)

Question: "I heard you had this great new product, but I don't see it on your website. What gives?"
Answer: While we try to make sure all of our items are available on the Internet, changing supply or other factors sometimes prevent us from having a certain item on our page. Click on the Shop button to look around. If you have a question, or can't find what you want, just e-mail us! We'd love to help you find what you need.

Question: "Do your soaps contain animal products?"
Answer: We have several varieties of soap that are lard-based. Some of our customers prefer lard-based soap because it lasts longer than oil-based soap. If you want to be sure that your Barley Rose soap contains no animal products, simply choose a variety that is oil-based.

Question: "I use XYZ cold cream bar and I'm happy with it!"
Answer: Would you be happy rubbing gasoline on your face?

Question: "Does your soap... wait, what?"
Answer: That's right, folks. Petrochemicals are crucial ingredients in many store-bought soaps. Barley Rose soaps don't contain petrochemicals, so you don't get that unmistakable feeling that you've just rubbed gas all over your face. Not that we rub gasoline on our faces, of course. That would be weird.

Question: "Will your soap dry out my skin?"
Answer: Certainly not! Barley Rose soaps are made with pure, natural ingredients that will leave your skin in excellent shape. We start with a basic soap recipe that may be as old as soap itself, so you won't find skin-drying detergents or other strange substances that don't really belong on your body.

Question: Do you use lye in your soap?
Answer: Yes, and the end product is quite safe. Lye (also known as sodium hydroxide or NaOH) on its own is caustic, but when our soap undergoes the process of saponification the lye is neutralized. We think the result is well worth it.

Creative Services
At Barley Rose, when we need photographs, images, or ideas, we go to our in-house creative team. This website, as well as Barley Rose's famous logos and banners, are produced by our very own professional design team. If you would like to enlist their services, send us an email: barleyrose@earthlink.net.